BEAUTY:  Our face is exposed 365 days a year to the elements. In the summer with the UV changes and extreme sun exposure it’s critical to take the right steps to protect our skin. We will talk about the products & regimen to ensure you stay flawless.  Beauty expert Christina Belleview of @Bellevuebeauty will guide you through this journey.

HAIR: Winter can wreak havoc on our hair, creating dryness and friction that damage our manes making it difficult to manage.  Summer gives us the ability to use various Wash & Go styles helping us to save time and benefit from elemental nutrients.  Natural hair expert Ameedah Flowers of @Bellevuebeauty will help us explore this world and the products that help get us there.


FITNESS: All over the Caribbean and especially in Toronto, we are getting ready for a summer of Caribbean festivals. Soca music is perfect for a high paced Cardio workout that invigorates the soul while smoothing out the waistline. During this session with Socacize experts from the GTA we’ll get your hips swinging and the sweat pouring.


FITNESS:  Running and walking are the most cost-effective forms of exercise.  This all-round form of fitness can be done alone or in a group, at home or while you travel. We’ll talk you through techniques to help you adequately prepare to walk or run any distance. If doing a 5K, 10K, Half or Full- marathon has ever been your goal, this session will get you there with Derrick Butler- Champion Runner & the We Run Things group of the GTA showing you the way.


FOOD: Our body is our temple and it enables everything we do, so it’s important that we understand the right things to put in it.  Our expert nutritionist Kerry-Kay Bartley will lead us through key nutrition principles and how to amplify our summer palates with the goodies the season offers.  She will help us understand a few good meals we can easily prepare on our own that have flavour & flare. And as a bonus we’ll lunch on some of these healthy dishes!


FITNESS: Pausing to reflect and allowing time for your mind to rest is an important component of wellness.  As you enjoy the summer skies, the right meditative practices will help you benefit from a more restful night.  Yoga & Meditation instructor Shannon Legge will teach the techniques in walking meditation, guided meditation, and the restorative practices of Yoga Asana. De-stressing is vital to having the type of energizing summer you are looking for!