Known for bringing her magnetic personality and sheer joy for living to every experience and individual that she encounters, Tanya is the founder and director of Blitzful. Already an accomplished design engineer for the past 10 years, Tanya became certified with CanFit Pro, the Canadian Fitness Certification board, and began instructing Corporate & Community fitness in 2006. Passionate about identifying and sharing tips on maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Tanya hopes to transform lives through fitness, focus and fun.




Christina is a marketer for one of the world’s leading cosmetics and beauty company, and holds a Master’s degree in marketing specialising in multicultural marketing. She expertly blends all the vibrant colors of her life wearing complimentary shades of makeup artist, marketing consultant and beauty educator. And if it wasn’t enough that she is the resident make up and skincare guru for friends and family, she has become a global go-to girlfriend with her acclaimed website for all things hair, makeup and lifestyle.




A self-professed “makeup fanatic”, Ameedah is an artist who was living a double life. By day she was a business graduate navigating the hallowed halls of corporate America, and after sunset the critical stop before a night out. Her brain and heart finally reached a compromise and today she is pursuing her vision to encourage all women to put their best face forward one lipstick at a time..




Nicole is a former Division 1 Soccer Forward, Co-Soccer Captain while at the University of Albany and a former Professional Soccer Player for Rochester Rhinos Women and Rochester Ravens. Her life revolves around living a fit and healthy lifestyle while serving her community as a Soccer Coach and Human Services Worker. She believes in using her experience and positive energy to encourage others to maximize their fullest potential.




Dawna is the triple threat with an honours degree in Psychology & Sociology, a diploma in Computer Networking & Technical Support, and the CanFit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist certification among others. She excelled in the IT industry but also loved fitness, so she did both! Her philosophy is that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, and that saying should hold true in all aspects of life, INCLUDING fitness!




Ulpia has a lifetime of experience helping others to help themselves. Starting with a BA in Kinesiology, she went on to become a Registered Rehabilitation Specialist and Certified Vocational Professional and is currently working with one of Canada’s leading insurers. Clearly a master of time management, she also empowers and inspires participants as a group fitness programmer and personal trainer.




Maxine understood early on that we need to identify where we want to go and be diligent about getting there, and that realization has been instrumental in her becoming a leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods profession for over 25 years. However it wasn’t until Maxine applied that same acumen to her gardening and started creating mosaics of colour, texture and scent that she understood its true power to renew the mind, body and spirit. She now helps others to tap into their ‘pastimes’ to ignite the heart and inspire the mind.




Naomi is an artist and graphic designer who nurtures, shapes and brings our ideas to life. She is passionate about creating images that speak to and inspire viewers. Currently the lead designer for a contemporary bridal magazine, she also runs a successful design company naomifergusson.com and Jubily, an online boutique. Not surprisingly, her favourite drink is coffee.




Charged with an unrelenting desire to help others live the life they’ve always imagined, Blitzful’s Communications Director is four parts media coordinator, two parts wordsmith and a generous server of enthusiasm. She has worn many hats as a producer, television host and freelance journalist, and hates talking about herself in the third person.